Student irritated by clogged up hallways

We’ve all been there, trying to get somewhere fast in the hallways. Maybe to visit a teacher before your next class or grabbing a book from your locker or even trying to get out of school quickly to squeeze a few more minutes out of your lunch. But then you hit it. An impenetrable wall of students with a single file line of students attempting to get through. Many years ago a policy was put in place called a GoZone. This means that in that area people are not allowed to congregate, you must keep walking. But apparently that has slipped away in the last couple of years.
The worst place that I can see in the school is in front of the locker bays. Sometimes it seems like I can’t even get through these areas. These seem like the biggest areas for groups of friends, couples making out, and random people to get together for a few minutes before they inevitably almost show up late to class. This means that, in these areas, the people who are trying to pass through these areas are squeezed into a small passageway of people attempting to go in both directions. Sometimes traffic even comes to a complete stop for a couple of seconds.
Trying to get through these packed areas of school can even get dangerous. I’ve been hit and stepped on and I’ve also been in the middle of a few fake scuffles between friends. It’s no fun. So if you are one of these people clogging up the halls, just be considerate. Realize that you are not the only one around. Maybe try to move your group more off to the side and leave more of a path for commuters and make sure you try to keep your moving around and horseplay to a minimum. With 1,400 students the hallways are hectic enough, so let’s just show some courtesy to our fellow students and just get out of the way.


Words by Hannah Bothner|N&F Editor