Over-advertising Leads To Lack Of Response

“We ‘bout to get twisted. You comin?”

“Nah, man, I gotta hit the books.”

“Live above the influence.” How many times have you seen this commercial? How many times has it been played right in front of you without your notice? Commercials like this are meant to support a more healthy and safe lifestyle for everyone, but how effective are they?

How often do you really notice posters around Northwest? You walk past them every day. Advertisements for drama events, clubs, etc., and because they are so common and numerous, they are easy to ignore.

One more example: how often do you actually click on ads on websites? A lot of these ads are from illegitimate companies, but ads for real companies are neglected too.

These are the effects of over-advertising, or displaying the same message so often it loses its meaning. No one notices when a commercial comes on TV for the awareness of drugs, drunk driving, obesity, poverty, starving children in third world countries, or other related subjects. It’s not that they’re not important, but the human mind sometimes ignores what is so consistent.

This is going to be a major problem for advertisers, especially those who are trying to convey a moral message. Awareness needs to be spread somehow, and traditional advertisements are no longer effective.

If they don’t cut back on these ads, advertising companies may have only two options in the near future. They can either try to make more noticeable ads or stop advertising altogether. The reality is, if they don’t do something soon, they are going to lose their audience.