Students Should Appreciate People, Sacrifice Material Things

A week ago I was sitting in church listening to the pastor and what he had to say. He went on about how blessed we all are to have a home to live in, that we get to go to school, how we have clothes on our back, food on our table and more. This made me think of how much I complained about how bad my life was when it really wasn’t. It made me feel so selfish. So that night, I went home thinking about what the pastor said: we have so much, but yet we want more. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I wrote down everything I have and to my surprise I have a quite a bit of things. After I made the list I hung it on my door so that every day I can see what I have and be thankful for them.

I started to think about all the people who don’t have anything. Then the weird thing is that I heard my dad talking about how some of his cop friends went and took all of the homeless people stuff. My dad and I were shocked that nothing like that happened. He came up with the idea of giving all of the things on my list that our family didn’t use

I feel like in today’s time period we’re straying away from the true point of Christmas. I mean look at us ‘I want this I want that.’ What ever happened to being thankful for what you have and just being happy? Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of things I would like to have, but honestly things don’t make you who you are, the people around you do. I challenge the reader to make a list of all the things you have instead of making a list of all you want.