Lunches Get A Make over

Standing in line for 20 minutes for a lunch that only consists of a few choices, a cheeseburger and tater tots, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a fruit and yogurt parfait, or a makeshift salad, could make anyone upset. But the students here at Northwest are more than just upset, they’re furious because their options are becoming more and more limited.

It makes sense what’s happening, the choices are being taken away. But who is in charge of choosing what enters the students’ bodies? Shouldn’t it be the students?

The Kansas Board of Education and school administrators are taking away our choices. The administration has to follow the Kansas BOE Policy Guidelines that state what can and what can’t be allowed as an option.

The Northwest Explorer staff believes that the school should have more options for the students. It’s their choice as to what they eat at lunch or any other time, for that matter. The administration should put more trust into the student body and relay their voices towards the people in charge.

The students don’t mind healthy food, but they hate when their options are limited. There’s an illusion of a choice; the soda machines remain but they are turned off and only machines containing healthy alternatives are powered on. But the truth is that the BOE wants us to buy the “healthy” food so even if it’s the students’ second choice, it’s the choice that the BOE wants us to make.

This ruse is further continued right into the lunch lines. No. More. Cookies. Devastating for sure, because that was one of the few choices we had left, and a quite delicious choice if you ask any student. But the final part of this ruse is the fact that they put in new ice cream products. The new options allow students to believe that they are in control, but why take away cookies as an unhealthy alternative when they add another one?

Students feel as though they are getting mixed messages from administrators. We urge the school to make a definite stand on the food sold here by providing healthy options as well as unhealthy.

It’s up to the teachers to educate the students on how to eat healthily, but in the end the students make their own choices.