Opinion: Circle of Fashion

Today, it seems that young adults are looking for individuality in obscurity or trying to find independence in non-conformity. The children of the future are in a sense running from running, in the hope that they may find themselves different from the countless youths that came before them. This is essentially how most modern fads have developed.

The entire “emo” thing is a “new” way for kids to differentiate themselves from the main population, but the truth that most of them ought to realize is that there is no such thing as non-conformity. You either conform or conform to the non-conformists.The search for independence starts when you stop taking other people’s thoughts into consideration; when you can decide something purely on the basis that it is what you truly want, that is the moment that you have momentarily stopped conforming and become your own person.

As I said before, people are looking for individuality in obscurity, which cannot be found. The author Chuck Palahniuk once said, “The new generation is constantly looking for that next shock value sentence or thing,”. Although he meant this in a literary sense it can also apply to many other things. Just try to tell yourself that you haven’t heard or seen some kid walking around with something that distinctly draws attention to them. Though we won’t admit it, we all love being stared at. We love the idea that people want to look at us for whatever reason.

In consideration of all of these factors, young adults are looking for a way to personalize everything by stating what they feel on a t-shirt; these children are trying on ideas that don’t explain anything about a person’s personality in the hope that it will give them more meaning. Factoring in all of these things leads me to my personal opinion- that eventually we will have one giant fashion loop that will lead back to the days when men were gentlemen and women were ladies. With everyone turning to things that “no one has ever heard of” it won’t be long before none of them are what they want to be. They will just be the people that they think no one else is, which must make them special. Thus, when the next era starts looking or their “own thing” they will see that while everyone was busy, they left being a gentleman or a lady wide open. That is where the cycle starts over yet again.

The future of fashion will be filled with men saying, “Allow me to get that for you,” and women telling one another, “You look lovely in that dress.” Men will wear long sleeved shirts with collars and slick their hair back. Women will wear dresses and pony tails. The 50s will begin all over again. They will begin with the belief that no one has ever worn driving gloves or carried a neighbor woman’s groceries inside for no reason other than because it is the nice thing to do. From there, it will keep looping- from the ties and bobby sox to an era of mullets and leather jackets, that of afros and baggy clothing, and again to one all too closely resembling the days of dyed hair and skinny jeans.