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Hoods and hats policy causes controversy

 Since we have come back we have another rule that the facility is starting to crack down on more with students at NW. The Hats & Hoods policy at NW is causing a lot of problems with not just students, but teachers and staff as well. We have decided to interview a few staff, teachers, and students about this new policy.
Samya Slater
Jae Cockrum (10) models a forbidden look
Casey Helims (9) Vote yes on hats and hoods. (Samya Slater)
P.E teacher Kunz votes NO on hoods and hats. (Samya Slater )


Could you please state your name?

I’m Mr. Holderman. I’m the principal.


What is your personal opinion on the hoods and hats rule that we’re not allowed to wear them?

It doesn’t seem fair, but it’s all about safety. We have to be able to see who everyone is in our building. We want to make sure that Northwest is the safest school we can possibly have.


Do you think that when the students wear it, it affects their learning experience?

If hats and hoods were allowed, I think the majority of students would be able to handle it and would still be able to learn. I don’t disagree with that, but that’s not why we don’t allow hats and hoodies. I want to emphasize that it’s okay.


Do you think that all schools should have this no hats and hoods policy?

I find it difficult to tell other schools what they should do. Just like I wouldn’t like it if they would tell me what to do.


If you could please state your name and your occupation?

Mr. Hammond the Assistant Principal of Northwest High School.


What is your personal opinion on hoods and hats?

I believe they are not to be at school.


Do you think that it’s unprofessional?

It is unprofessional. If you ever find me outside of here you’ll find me in a hat. I would never wear a hat to work because I do believe that it is not professional.


Do you think that all schools should have a no hats or hoods policy?

I think it would be better if it was that way to where there is standardized message throughout the district because we do have transitional students that move from school to school. So I do believe that all schools should adopt the same of not having hats. Not when you’re leaving or you know, a baseball practice or whatever, but just not during the school day.


Please say your name and what grade you’re in.

My name is Casey Helms.


Do you think that Northwest should allow their students to wear hoods and hats?

I don’t mind hats. I can see why they don’t like hoods but hats are different. Like I don’t understand why they don’t allow hats.


Do you think it’s unfair that Northwest doesn’t allow hats and hoods but other schools do?

I mean yeah. It’s so unfair if they’re doing it and we’re not.


Please say your name and what you teach.

My name is Jason Cotter, and I teach Social Studies.


Do you think it should be a universal rule, yes or no. Or should it be individual schools to decide for themselves?

I think policies should ideally be district-wide. Because there’s a district policy against cell phones now, and it makes it easier for teachers or admin to justify that, because it’s not just our school doing that. This is something that the board of education has decided, And we agree with it and we support it here at Northwest, but if it’s just school to school then it does create conflict because a lot of friends may have somebody at West or North or a different school and they could, use that as an argument against you , “like why are they allowed at such and such school but not allowed to do it here?” And so I think it should be a policy one way or another all across the board, But I support the policy. So all right, Thank you. 


What is your personal opinion on the no hats or hoods rule here at Northwest?

Well, I, I support it because I think that students for one use their hoods and hats to hide their ear buds, which makes it easier for them to tune out the world, but also that they tend to use it to hide themselves too. Also, there’s a certain amount of professionalism we want in our classrooms. I don’t wear a hood or hat. And I don’t listen to music when I teach or play on my cell phone when I teach. And we want a professional environment and if you went to a restaurant and you were being served by someone, I bet that server wouldn’t have a hoodie up, right? We just want a sense of professionalism in our classroom, okay?

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