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Barbenheimer: The Tale of Two Movies

During this past summer on July 21st, movie theaters were packed with people going to see one of two very different movies. On one side of the room all you could see were booming pink outfits, on the other established and distinct suits. This event was known on social media as “Barbenheimer” which is the combination of the names of the two movies that were premiering that day, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” 

This double premiere made a great deal of noise due to both movies having very recognizable directors and actors behind it. People were making plans on which one they would see first and also what outfits they would wear to match the vibe of each movie. 

Once the crowds started to disperse and all the popcorn had been popped, people were quick to voice their opinions on how they felt over the movies, and Northwest students did not fall behind.

“I went to see Barbie because honestly Oppenheimer didn’t interest me like the Barbie movie did, and personally I loved it. I felt like it was really good commentary on womanhood, but also the struggles that both men and women face in society,” Audrey Buser (11) said.

Overall Barbie proved to be one of the most successful movies of the year so far making $1.34 billion and while Buser has only seen Barbie, there’s equally other students that have only seen Oppenheimer.

“I did not see Barbie, I went to go see Oppenheimer I’m kind of a historical guy, I really like movies about the past and I’m also a little bit of a WWII geek so I like anything from that time, but I thought the movie was a little too long and I noticed it didn’t get a lot of promotion. I didn’t know of it until I saw a trailer at the movie theater,” Gabriel Bakker (12) said.

Some students didn’t just see one movie, but instead went to both showings and were able to witness all the trends that took place.

“I wanted to see Oppenheimer because it looked like a visually good movie and I thought it would be really good at IMAX, but I also wanted to see Barbie because it felt like a fun movie to go to and a fun thing to be at the theater for,” Elijah Gegen (12) said.

Gegen expressed his excitement and reason for wanting to see both movies and very quickly gave us his thoughts after seeing them, he also told us which one he liked better.

“It’s a hard decision, but I think I liked Oppenheimer better, Barbie had some really good messages and it was just a fun movie to see, but with Oppenheimer I think it was like a really historically accurate movie and I feel like you know someone for one thing, but there’s also so much other things that happened for that to happen,” Gegen added.

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