Orchestra Plays Last Concert, Gives Out Awards


Isabella Straight plays her solo during “Mamma Mia.”

The orchestra had its last concert of the 2022-23 school year, Tuesday, May 16th, which was a perfect goodbye for the seniors. Compared to the school’s band, the orchestra is not as visible, given that they don’t perform during pep rallies or sporting events. During this concert they had three sections; the Sinfonietta Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, and Concert Orchestra. 

The Sinfonietta section was titled Cruisin’ Around the World, and they played Adventure on the High Seas, Lijiang River Landscape, Ye Bonnie Banks ‘n’ Braes, and Caribbean Cruise. The Chamber section was titled It Takes Two Bears to Tango, and they played La Bamba, Manhā de Carnaval, and Por Una Cabeza. Lastly, the Concert section was titled Seniors on Broadway and they did a mashup of a few songs from these three musicals, Mamma Mia with solos from Ruth Arrasmith, Isabella Straight, and Elexis Williams, Beauty and the Beast with solos from Carolina Contreras, Renee Amaya, Lizbeth Diaz, and Ruth West, and then Hamilton with solos from Sophia Anderson, Kristina Guitierrez, Luis Piedra, and Brayden Hoang. 

Before the last section of the concert the director, Madeline Crawford gave some awards, these included letters, certificates, and cords for the seniors, and then she awarded two students for showing great amounts of leadership. Isabella Straight got the National School Orchestra Award, voted by her fellow classmates.

“I felt shocked because even though I have been a concertmaster for five years I’m not always the nicest person,” said Straight (12).

The next one was Director’s Choice Award and it went to Elexis Williams, as the name suggests this was chosen by their director.

“I was grateful and excited that my work during the year was being recognized,” said Williams (12).