Students prepare for finals

Final project for early childhood education foundations
Grace Dickerson(12) and Brailee Bogle(12) discuss final in Aubry Weigel.
Annalisia Saiz-Magdaleno (11) preparing final project

It’s the end of the year and you know what that means, finals! Students are preparing for the biggest tests they will take in their classes this semester. It’s crunch time, getting all assignments in is a big priority. Here’s a little bit from Izabella Scheufler(10) a student on their feelings about finals.

What finals do you have?
Aquatics, English ,history, JROTC, zoology, chemistry, Spanish, algebra 2.

Do you feel like your teachers have done a good job of preparing you for your finals?
Yes! If the finals aren’t something I could prepare for myself, my teachers give us review packets or small quizzes to help us get ready.

What are your thoughts about finals?
Finals are usually a really stressful part of the school year.

How have finals gone for you in the past years?
The past years’ finals have been a little chaotic because I have them in every class but I feel accomplished after they are over with.