Closer Together: Conjoined Lunch Brings all Students Together

Conjoined lunches are new to returning Northwest students and have sparked a little concern throughout the school. Some students are worried about Covid spreading, not enough places to sit, and the long lunch lines. Cooper Schmitz, a junior, is one of many that agree with this.

“It’s weird. It’s a love-hate thing because there are too many people and it gets crowded. It’s also impossible to make a turn out of the school when I want to go somewhere,” Schmitz said. 

Despite the downsides to the conjoined lunch, there are always ups. Freshman Aaliyah Clark likes the conjoined lunch.

“I think it’s a great way for people to socialize with all the upperclassmen. I also think that it is really crowded, there are always seats taken, and the lunch line is exceedingly long, and waiting in it is just a waste of time,” Clark said.

Many more students at Northwest can agree that the conjoined lunch isn’t the best because of the lack of seats and not enough time to get your lunch and eat it. Overall, they are many ups and downs that the conjoined lunch has brought to Northwest.