Fun during After Hours

Ever since Naftzger Park was remodeled in 2018, it has served as a hangout destination for many Northwest Students. The park has many interesting aspects that make it worth going to. 


First off, the park has lights that light up the whole area. Second is the unique sitting areas it has to offer with moveable orange seats and many benches with tables. And even if you don’t like either of those options, sitting on the turf is also comfortable. Last is the light up stage for concerts and events that are held downtown. All of these aspects make it super fun and interactive for Northwest students. Saul Lingafelter goes to the park pretty frequently to socialize with all of his friends and catch up. 


“I like to go because my friends like to meet up there, and sometimes we ride our skateboards around the park,” said Lingafelter (12). 


Naftzger Park also has plenty of spots to eat at and shop in the surrounding area. A popular place to eat is Homegrown. Homegrown provides customers with breakfast food. More food establishments like Starbucks and Smoothie King are close by. Naftzger park is also near a Quiktrip and is the favorite place to eat for Anabelle Boyd.


“ Me and my friends usually ride scooters or walk to Quiktrip. I like to go because everything is usually pretty cheap and it has a large variety of snacks.” said Boyd (11)


If you’re looking for a chill spot to hangout with your friends, have a nice meal or even display a mini concert, Naftzger Park would be a great fit for you!