New releases: Students prefer Drake to Kanye

Students around Northwest have many intriguing opinions on Donda vs CLB. Kanye West’s album “Donda” dropped on August 29, and Drake’s album “CLB or Certified Lover Boy” dropped on September 3. Creating an ongoing battle between who produced the better album. 

Students at Northwest have very strong opinions on which is better.

“Donda is trash, that’s all I have to say,” Ethan Engelking (10) said. 

Many students around Northwest agree with Engelking.

“CLB was better,” Tanner Martin (12)  said. 

So, by far Certified Lover Boy surpassed Donda at Northwest High School. But, not just at Northwest, CLB had sold 613,000 equivalent album units and, Donda only sold 309,000 album units. Declaring a winner in the CLB vs Donda battle.