Masks and Vaccines

In recent times, the topic of masks and vaccines has been really popular. With Covid cases on the rise, many believe both masks and vaccines should be mandated while others are completely against it and think they should be able to decide what’s best for their safety. In Wichita Public School’s this has been a big debate, especially because of the board’s decision to start the school year off with masks being strongly recommended instead of mandating them like they have in the past. We asked people how they felt about this policy and here is what some had to say.

“I think that it is kind of political in asking people to require to wear masks, although I think if we just all do it then it would get this over a lot quicker. We should’ve done this last year, although lots of people do not always follow directions.” an anonymous source said. 


Many people agree with this statement, others have different opinions, such as an anonymous freshman who understands why the mask policy is what it is.


“ I think the policy is pretty fair because everybody has a choice instead of it being forced upon people,” stated 

As well as the topic of masks many people have strong opinions on vaccines, such as Mr. Mays, the choir teacher.


 “I’m very pro-vaccine. I think vaccines work, and I think honestly that probably we should get it mandated  for the schools because that’s what we’ve been doing  for decades. We’ve been having kindergarteners that have had to have several vaccines before they could ever show up and so if we wanted to really nip it in the bud we could do that,” stated Mays. 


Alondra Mena-Chavez, a Sophomore, has a very similar opinion.


“I think they are helping ‘cause most of the people dying from covid are the ones without the vaccine,” stated Mena-Chavez.


 Reagan Faulkner, a senior, has a very contrasting view on how she feels about the COVID vaccine.


 “No, because I don’t trust them because of the side effects and because I’ve seen the numbers of people who have been paralyzed, had miscarriages, have adverse effects, heart attacks, all of that,” stated Faulkner.

On a different note, there’s many reasons as to why people choose to or don’t choose to wear a mask. 


“I do not, just because I just don’t feel comfortable wearing it. I feel like I’m safe. I’ve had covid before but it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. I know people that have personally been affected by it, badly, but I just feel like I don’t need it,” stated an anonymous source.


In contrast to this we have Rubi Loya, a sophomore, who said, “I choose to wear a mask to not only protect myself and my family, but also those around me and so I can keep coming to school and not have to quarantine.”


Everyone has their own opinion, some are pro, others are against. In the end this is a rough time of everyone’s lives and it will take everyone being together to make the rough times a little easier. Following guidelines regardless of opinions is one way to be in this together.