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Leo Larson

Leo Larson is a senior at Northwest High School. Larson, since a child, has always been involved in performing arts. He started performing when he was eight years old and eventually started acting in numerous children’s theatre productions. Since then, Larson has evolved in the world of theatre and has been in many playwrights/shows in the drama department at Northwest High School.

Leo recently hit a milestone in his performing arts career by directing and producing his own play at Newman University. The American Buffalo was the show that Larson put on at Newman University, which sold out the first night of being shown. When asked where he got his love for the arts Larson responded “I’ve always liked storytelling so I think that that drew me to some type of artistic median.”  Currently, Leo is casted in the show Prodigal Son, being put on at Northwest High School September 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Leo Larson (Senior)