Music choices at Northwest

When it comes to music there are all types. Along with all types of music there are all different types of music fans who listen to a variety of genres from rap all the way to country with so many choices in between. In many classes at Northwest, students are allowed to listen to music during independent work time. Aaliyah Blanchard, a senior, is one of the many who enjoys listening to music during independent work time in class.


“It is a distraction but it is full of vibes. There is nothing like getting a little bit of work done but also vibing out to whatever kind of music. R & B is my favorite type of music to listen to because it is honest, it’s real, and it sounds really good. People put their heart and soul into it,” stated Blanchard when asked what her favorite type of music genre is and why she enjoys listening to it during independent work time in class. 


Brian Lam, a senior, has the complete opposite type of genre he listens to. Lam personally enjoys listening to country music and feels that listening to music during independent work time in class helps boost his mood.


“It somewhat helps me. Usually music will boost my happiness so I can do my work. I enjoy the rhythm and if I’m just chilling outside the warm summer nights and country music plays it will be a fun night,” Stated Lam.


Brooke Hise, senior, enjoys more than just one genre of music. Hise enjoys country and pop music.


“It helps me relax and concentrate better on my school work and assignments. I think it helps me,” Stated Hise when asked if she feels music helps her do better in school.


Many students at Northwest feel that music helps distract them from outside distractions to help them focus on doing their work. Some teachers even play music in class for those who do not have the ability to listen to their own music. Overall music can be beneficial for many when studying or working in class.