The Wonders of Jay Rangel, a Northwest Student

Jay Rangel, a 17-year old Juinor from Northwest high school whose weekdays are filled with school homework, working on projects, and completing them before the deadlines hit. He is persistent when it comes to keeping his grades up and making sure he has time in his schedule to keep up with his passions.

Rangel explains that he doesn’t stand out in a crowd although recently he dyed his hair pink which is contrasting to his statement in which he felt that he normally doesn’t stand out. Rangel has a passion for painting and other forms of art. He picked up this passion from gaining lots of free time after his mom would not let him go outsideWeekends are filled with drawing, painting, and sewing time. Those are activities that keep him relaxed and mellowed out.

“It just became something I always loved to do and I’m still learning new ways to draw forms and shade along with finding different mediums to paint with,” Rangel said.

Sewing is something he picked up not too long ago and it’s something that he isn’t the best at but is something that he feels passionate about. Rangel plans to continue learning new patterns and stitches. Learning how to find a steadying pattern and making himself a shirt that doesn’t fall apart at the seams is a goal he has. Activities, passions, and goals are things that keep Rangel going to help motivate him. 

“My parents have always been impressed by my finished projects and think I can really make something out of them, they always take me out when they can if I’m in need of more supplies. ” Rangel said.

Jay Rangel holding some of the things that bring him joy
Jay Rangel’s items that bring him joy