Amazon gift ideas

With  Christmas right around the corner Amazon has been really busy with people buying gifts. Amazon has list of popular gift ideas for different ages. These list have been really helpful for kids who don’t know what they want and for people who don’t know what to buy. 

It may be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for children who are newborns to 2 years old. Things that amazon has to offer for newborn children are books some that are normal and ones that talk, onesies, baby toys, and baby tooth brushes. For kids who are older there are bigger toys on the website. They offer kids appliances like washers, fridges, and ovens that young kids would sure enjoy. 

Kids who are 3-5 years old start to get into more character toys. Amazon offers many different character toys that young children would enjoy. They have Paw patrol, super heroes and baby yoda. They also offer LOL, Barbie, and baby shark. They also have non character things like play doh, coloring activities , and stuffed animals.

For children 6-8 amazon offers a little more advanced toys and activities. They offer more complex Lego city, Lego friends, Lego avengers, and Lego Minecraft sets. They also offer S.T.E.M sets, jewelry sets, and art sets. There is also a couple popular board games like mousetrap, clue, and chutes & ladders on the site. 

Kids who are 9-11 are in the weird faze where they aren’t little kids but not teens yet. Amazon offers many different toys that would fit their ages and interests. They offer many things for artistic kids like spirograph, 3D coloring puzzles, blank comic books, how to draw books, water color painting, and rock painting sets. For the kids who like more hands on things they have slime kits, rubix cubes, Legos, chemistry sets, break open geodes, and origami. For the kids who like games they have chess, sorry, Tetris, lightning reload shocking game, dabble, and monopoly.

Teens are in the time where they don’t really play with toys so it’s harder to shop for them. Amazon offers many different electronics and add ons for the electronics. They sell Nintendo switches, just dance, Mario cart, controllers, smart watches, tablets, speakers, echo dots, and TV’s. They have board/card games like exploding kittens, what do you meme?, giant checkers, giant connect 4, and stranger things eggo card game. They also have other things like snack boxes, ring lights, clothing, picture printers, art sets, and guitars. 

Amazon offers many gift ideas to help anyone out with shopping.