The FCCLA program

FCCLA has a national membership of over 175,000 young men and women. There are 53 state associations including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, etc. FCCLA was founded in 1945, FCCLA has involved over nine million youth. This year Sara Abrahams had made an official group for Northwest. 

The FCCLA group participates in community service activities, last week they did an operation holiday and last year They did competitions for things. Some of their activities include personal finances, consumer rights, and responsibilities, technology, health, and safety,  environment, and FCCLA knowledge. With COVID, all of the competitions are online this year so they are not participating in them. Anyone at Northwest has the ability to join this after school group.

It’s shown to be more beneficial to have joined if you have FAC classes (family and consumer sciences)classes that you have taken but it’s not required. Community service is apart of the class for this program but no background checks happen. Since COVID had a set-back for many students and activities the FCCLA group meets once a week after school on teams. Being in-person makes it to where there are more opportunities for students to be able to do the activities available.

Sara Abraham is the leader of the after school program, and Jesse Hancock is the President of the program led at Northwest. Right now there are a total of eight students that are in the group. This group is also available for students of all grade levels to join.

The group usually meets around 2:45 P.M. making it to where you are able to join during their advocacy hour. During the time they meet, the group discusses what they are able to do around the community. This consists of things like picking up trash, operation holiday, etc. Sara Abraham explained that since things are mostly online it has been more difficult to do activities, she also explained that most community service project that is done in larger groups have been put to a halt because of the social distancing matter. is the official website for the program that Sara Abraham and a couple of other students are participating in. Students who are in the after-school program have the ability to earn scholarships by the end of their senior year.