Students perspectives on online learning

Going into the school year and finding out that you’re not able to go back in person can be frustrating to some, relieving to others. While the original plan was for secondary students to return to school for the second nine weeks, the school board reversed that because of rising Covid-19 rates.

This information has felt like bad luck for some simply because, missing out on the high school experience could be disappointing for most. Especially because people talk about the high school experience being out there and life-changing. 

I’m just waiting for the day that they say we can go back to school because that will make me feel better,” Daysha Ogunbiyi, senior.

Ogunbiyi expressed that she feels like online school is something that everyone needs to get used to. Ogunbiyi explained that as a senior this is not how she wanted to spend her last year in high school. Ogunbiyi said that she and her fellow classmates are just waiting on the day students are allowed to go back in person. 

She also explained that because she’s a senior she’s missing out on last dances, no first day of senior year, making new friends, visiting colleges, talking to the guidance counselors, and just having the overall high school experience for one last time. 

Losing motivation is something that can happen when you have high expectations; staying on task when at home can be extremely stressful or disruptive depending on what environment someone is in. It’s common to be able to not learn very quickly or effectively on the laptops this year because it’s still semi all-new, Ogunbiyi said when explaining that she had an easier time losing motivation.  

“Something that isn’t so good about online learning for students’ mental health is definitely the new socialization rules or ways of socializing” freshman Kylie Olsen, said. 

Olsen said that she has heard from other students that remote schooling has a positive effect on students’ organization skills, but she has not had as much trouble with the organization as most people. Olsen said that if there was a chance where she could go back and it would be safe for everyone she would take the offer. Olsen said she believes that being in person when at school is better for her because she thinks that staying focused is less challenging. Online school may not be the most ideal citation for some but for others, it may seem to work better making it to where their motivation goes up.

“I think online school is going well so far; It’s not ideal but we are making the best out of a bad situation.” Emmarie Nickel, Senior.

Nickel explained in an online interview that she understands that safety is what is important, regardless of if it’s what people like or not. Nickel also said she understands the importance of getting the high school experience and getting to do activities, but in an instance where people have a chance of getting sick, it’s best to keep safe and not go out and have fun. She said missing the social aspect of the school is something that crosses her mind quite often, but regardless of this, she would continue to stay online because it’s safe and she can enjoy the comfort of her own bed.

Olsen explained that although it is challenging to do some of the activities people might have been looking forward to this year. It is also in the best interest of the people to stay online for schooling because it lowers the likelihood of more people getting sick.

“Education is our passport to the future, it takes us to success and makes the people in this world life changers for some” Olsen, Freshmen.