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CJ Rincones and David Duncan are changing the game with their way of making money.


Cj Rincones looks at shoes to buy while he is at shoe show in Wichita.

Most teenagers when they look for a job normally go find work at a grocery store or some sort of fast-food joint. The average teen makes just above minimum wage for the first job. However, Senior Cj Rincones and David Duncan are changing the game with their way to make money as a teenager.

Cj Rincones has always had a passion for shoes. During his freshman year, he decided to turn his passion into a business.

“I personally have always loved shoes. so, when I started getting more shoes, I would do trades in order to get a different pair that I wanted that pretty much lead me to sell/buying/trading. Also, some of my friends were doing it and we’re making money at a young age from it and I wanted to be part of that,” Rincones said.

David Duncan, a senior on the Northwest basketball team, also started selling shoes at a young age.

“I started when I was 14. I had too many shoes that didn’t fit me, so I decided to sell them and buy some that did. Then I realized that I could potentially make money by buying and selling shoes, so I did,” Duncan said.

Rincones and Duncan have worked very hard to make this small idea into a successful business. They say that part of what makes them so successful is the fact that they enjoy what they do.

“I enjoy being able to provide a pair of shoes to someone who wants them. I sell used and new shoes, and I try and charge under market, so my customer knows they’re getting the best deal. I also enjoy being able to have more expensive/designer shoes that not a lot of people have. I also enjoy making money,” Duncan said.

Like any business, there are challenges that come with their job. Whether it’s other competitors or even just try to sell an expensive pair of shoes.

“The most challenging thing about it is getting shoes for retail. There is a lot of people who do what I do and when a limited shoe is about to release, everybody is trying to buy it. People use bots to get limited shoes when they release, I don’t but I am definitely going to in the future,” Duncan said.

Whether or not Rincones and Duncan decide to continue with business in the future as a career, one thing is for sure: they will have much more business experience than if they were working at Dillon’s.

“The best part is wearing the personal sneakers that I’ve wanted for a long time. Plus, the hustle of it is good for my future career,” said Rincones.