Debate Team Learns Virtual Format

With quarantine keeping students all holed up inside their houses,  students and teachers have had to come up with some creative ways to keep in contact, especially with school and after school clubs. But Covid-19 has not stopped the debate team from progressing and moving forward.


Every year, the debate club chooses a topic to learn about and discuss in debates. This year, the topic is criminal justice. The students then prepare evidence and pair up with another student to face off with another student pair in front of at least one adult judge. But now, instead of doing the debates in-person, the debates take place within organized and structured Zoom meetings. A strong group of debaters has made overcoming this challenge easier according to the debate coach.


“We have an incredible group this year,” said debate teacher, Peter Crevoiserat, who is better known as Mr. Crevo. “I have more students in debate this year than any of my previous years, which is exciting, and I hope that trend continues. (…) If more people stick with debate, the sky’s the limit.”


Sophomore Makayla Coy says debating this year is challenging, but still rewarding.


“A typical debate meeting now is kind of crazy from what it used to be,” Coy said.” “This was me and my partner’s first year, so we’ve gotten a grip on things. It’s been hard, but if you put your mind to it then it’s okay. (…) Other than that debate is great and I’m glad I joined it.”


The team has gone to three tournaments thus far, placing 3rd in two tournaments overall. The current top pair, consisting of Rylee Lopez and Josee Hoshaw, have placed in every tournament. Taking 2nd place at the Ad Astra tournament, 5th place at Wichita East, and 3rd place at Salina South. The pair consisting of Tristan Rice and Jack Rue took 4th place in Salina South.


Mr. Crevo stated that this has been a great season so far for the debate team, he just needs more participants. If you have any questions for Mr. Crevo or would like to join the debate team, please contact him via his email: [email protected]