Presidential Debate

The first 2020 presidential campaign kicked off with a fiery debate this past Tuesday between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. With both candidates giving two minute answers to questions about Covid-19, police brutality and mass incarceration, it gave voters a lot to consider.


Along with multiple positive comments about health care and controlling the Coronavirus, came a lot of controversy.


With Biden calling Trump “un-presidential” and a “clown”, and Trump firing back with “I’ve done more in 47 months than you have in 47 years” and arguing with the moderator, it was a wild ride from start to finish.


Some students think that the debate showed that Trump was not presidential material.


“Trump’s not really a politician,” Lenna Roberts stated. “We basically elected a businessman to be our president.” 


While another student said she felt like Trump was not forthcoming with his answers.


Raena Ford said, “He’s a question dodger. He always changes the subject.”


This over two hour long debate was monitored by journalist and news anchor Chris Wallace. He was asked about his opinion on the debate and he was not pleased. 


“I never dreamt that it would go off the tracks the way that it did,” Wallace said.