A Cascade of Blades

Freshman Ian Allen collects different swords

A Cascade of Blades

Many people find enjoyment in certain hobbies such as sports, reading, music, and art. Other hobbies can consist of traveling or collecting certain items. Some common items to collect are toys, games and dolls. Freshman Ian Allen has found amusement in collecting different swords along with rocks and knives. He has been collecting swords for five years now.

There are many different sizes and kinds of swords to collect. One also has to be cautious when collecting items such as swords and knives because they are weapons and are therefore regulated by the state.

“Swords have fascinated me for a while,” Allen said. “I don’t know why, it’s just fun to me. It’s my sort of entertainment.”

Acquiring a sword is not as difficult as one may think it to be. Allen buys some of his swords from Ebay and Wish online, but his father knows of other places for Allen to obtain swords.

“My dad works at U-Haul so he knows dealers there. He knows some metalsmiths and that’s where I usually get them,” Allen said.

Allen’s collection consists of seven swords altogether. Each of his swords have some unique quality about them.

“I have one katana, one old-school, like knights and armor,” Allen said, “and then I have one sword that can split into two, and one that has a hidden blade.”

These swords, which Allen displays in his closet, can be used as dangerous weapons, so he offers some advice.

“Be safe,” Allen said.