Northwest Student Experiences Lord’s Diner

I have started volunteering at the Lord’s Diner every third Sunday of the month, since that is the day students and teachers from Northwest volunteer. On my first day of volunteering, Madam Devore, the French teacher, was telling me about how she has always wanted to take her family to donate money and then eat at the Lord’s Diner for the experience, but she hasn’t had the chance to do it yet.
I realized that she had a really good idea, and the next day called up my two best friends, Taylor Moore and Ashley Flagg, to tell them my plan. After telling them that I had a really random and fun idea for us to experience, I explained my plan. They were immediately just as excited as I felt and we decided to go that night, before the plan had a chance to be forgotten.
We all threw on a pair of sweats, an old t-shirt, washed all of the make-up off our face and set off for the Lord’s Diner at Central and Broadway. It was kind of like a different world being there on the other side. It was really sad realizing that there are so many people that are homeless, can’t afford for their family to eat or aren’t as blessed as most of the people that I know.
From the start I could tell that everyone there is so grateful and so friendly. When we were walking in, an older man went out of his way to hurry and open up the door for us. We all donated money and got in line for our food. After getting our soup, chicken pasta, dessert and a fruit we went to a table that had enough open seats for us all, and the other people eating there were more than willing to let us sit and chat with them. I am very picky and had a hard time trying to finish everything on my plate because it would have felt wrong throwing any away, and thankfully, after Taylor cleared her plate, she secretly helped me finish my food.
One of the volunteers that day, Megan Taylor, recognized us and we told her what we were doing. Being there and going through that experience was very humbling. It made each of us realize how much we have and thankful for every bit of it. Being there only made me want to volunteer more and I have encouraged a couple of my friends to get their food handlers cards so they can volunteer with me. It was definitely unforgettable.