Faculty Shares New Year Resolutions

“My new year resolution is more family time, I already told my husband about it and he knows I want to stay committed to it, so yes I will try my best to stick with it,”-Alma Aglano, math

“Try to listen more and talk less. I think I will stick with it, but it’s a lifelong thing you have to work on,”-Janet Ruder, Science

“My new year resolution is to eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight. I am sure I will stick with it; if I stop I can always pick myself back up,”-Lisa Mcintire, Science

“No, the New Year isn’t any different thank any other year for me. I make goals and when I accomplish those goals, I make new goals. I don’t need a new year to help me accomplish something,”-Paul Kitchen, Social studies

“To stay committed to my diet. I have had pretty good luck with it, its something I wont fall off the wagon with it,”- Tim Hatfield, English