A New Age: Staffer Plays New World of Warcraft Expansion

The day: Tuesday December 7, 2010. The event: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. I waited in line at 11:30 ready to pick up my new game. I was surprised by what the crowd looked like. The common idea is that the people would be nerdy. But I saw a wide range of people from a 63 year old woman, to several moms and dads.

But all of this was ignored when I picked up my game at 12:01 and rushed home. By 12:30 I had the game installed and was online but did not realize that the game was not online until 2 am.

I turned off the game and watched Final Destination. Didn’t expect me to say that huh? Hah!

As soon as the clock ticked to 1:55, I skipped the ending of the movie, which was probably pretty predictable, and jumped back online.

The change was extremely over hyped. At 2 o’clock nothing happened. I thought for a while that I had been tricked until I saw players riding gryphons through the capital city of Stormwind. And I knew then that the time had finally come.

I logged out to create a new worgen which is like a werewolf but with control on when and where they transform.

I customize the hair and the eyes and the beard, all of which seem pointless on this 9 foot monster, and hop right into the game. I pop up and am instantly surrounded by hundreds of other people around the world trying to make this new and interesting character.

I run to kill a small critter and when I am feet from destroying him, five other worgen players crush my target. Since this is one of the new quests I figure many players will be crowding the zone for weeks to come.

I start my new plan by creating a Deathknight worgen. Since the Deathknights have their own zone, I encounter only a few other players. I greatly enjoyed my time morphing from human to worgen and worgen to human. Or running around on all fours and racing around at the speed of other players on their horse.

At first, I was hesitant about a fourth game, but all in all I am impressed with the new expansion and am excited to continue playing. However I have a piece of advice, do not try to make a worgen named Jacob… It has already been done.