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Northwest Students Work At “Field of Screams”

It’s past midnight. You walk as quietly as possible, trying to hear any sound that warns you that you’re not alone. You know something is coming, but you just don’t know what or when it will happen. You’re heart is pounding, your body is trembling and you can feel the adrenaline running through you’re veins. This is what you waited in an epically long line for.

It’s none other than Field of Screams, and if you manage to make it through and pay attention to your surroundings then you just might recognize some of the actors. Junior Nicole Dohrman and senior Joey Williams are two of the actors at Field of Screams.

“It’s fun, a great working environment, great people and good pay,” Williams said.

Williams and Dohrman have both worked at Field of Screams for 2 years. They work on weekends so the late nights don’t affect their school work. Jumping around, screaming, and consuming energy drinks help to keep them awake in the late hours. But with a job like theirs, there is bound to be some danger.

“Someone has injured me by running over me, knocking me down,” Dohrman said.

People go to Field of Screams to get scared but some don’t handle the terror as well as others. For some people, their first reaction is to fight back.

“I have been kneed, punched, kicked, slapped, tackled, and head butted,” Williams said.

But even with the occupational hazards of the job the actors still love it.

“[My favorite thing is] being able to be somebody else that you’re not,” Dohrman said.

While there are hazards for the actors there is sometimes danger for terrified patrons. When they say don’t run and watch where you walk, they mean it.

“I scared a group and they all ran towards the front and one by one they fell down the stairs, piling up at the bottom, I couldn’t stop them because they were screaming to loud,” Williams said.

Field of screams is arguably one of the best horror attractions in Wichita, with thousands of people attending every weekend during the Halloween season. But even the professionals can get creped out.

“Sometimes, because of the atmosphere, you think you see things but you don’t,” Dohrman said.

The ticket sales for Field of Screams go on until 11:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. That means shifts go until early morning and once the field is closed the eerie silence can be frightening.

“I left my keys on the bus and walked back to the front, then realized everybody was out of the field, so it was pretty creepy walking through it alone at 2 am,” Williams said.

To work at Field of Screams you have to apply and audition. Auditions are held at Prairie Pines in late July. For more information about Field of Screams visit scaryprairiepines.com.

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