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Senior Experiences Motherhood

Senior Sara Schoenberger had been a fan of the MTV reality TV shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” Watching the shows every time a new episode aired, Schoenberger never thought she would become one of those girls. However, Schoenberger had suspicions of being pregnant her junior year. After being continuously asked to take a test by the baby’s father, Schoenberger finally did. Seeing the pink plus sign, Schoenberger wasn’t too shocked; she already figured she was, the only thing she was worried about was telling her parents.

“I never told my parents; they asked me if I was [pregnant] because I was getting sick a lot,” Schoenberger said.

Her parents reacted better than she thought. Although her mom was “rude” about the situation, both parents were there for their 17-year-old daughter. Schoenberger’s parents pushed her to keep her options open. Her mother really wanted Schoenberger to consider adoption, but her mind was already made up.

“I knew I was going to keep her. I just couldn’t give up something that was inside of me.”

Schoenberger’s junior year was changing drastically. Not only was Schoenberger pregnant, but she was also the new girl at Northwest, having transferred from Bishop Carroll. Schoenberger felt like all eyes were on her every single day.

“It showed me who my real friends were. Some people became more distant.”

At times Schoenberger felt alone. Her relationship with her parents had somewhat changed, some of her friends acted like they never knew her, and she felt the baby’s father wasn’t even there for her in the beginning.

“He was selfish about the situation. He only thought about him and his future,” She said.

February 22 was when Schoenberger’s life changed forever. After having cramps the night before, she went to her scheduled doctor’s appointment. An hour later it was time. Schoenberger’s mother and two close friends were with her at the hospital. Finally, at 11:53 p.m. Schoenberger was holding her baby daughter, Melia.

“My first impression was ‘wow, this is crazy. My daughter is really pretty.”

For the next month, Schoenberger was out of school to take care of her newborn baby. The first night home from the hospital was hard to adapt to.

“She cried a lot, and she woke up so many times.”

The following weeks were filled with dirty diapers, baby vomit, bottles, and little sleep. Returning to school with a baby was something she never imagined herself doing. The first day of senior year for Schoenberger was Melia’s first day at the Northwest Child Development Center.

“I never took her to daycare my junior year. I didn’t want her to get sick by other babies. I was very careful and cautious when she was first born,” she said.

It’s been close to one year since Schoenberger’s belly grew and Melia was born. Now, Schoenberger’s relationship with her parents has improved, and Melia’s dad is in the picture. Schoenberger says school is still easy for her, and she has no problem juggling her job at Xenon’s and raising her daughter.

“Nights are easier now; she sleeps the whole night. But during the day Melia is more high maintenance since she’s moving now. When she’s sick or teething it’s really hard. She gets super cranky,” she said.

Going through and adapting to all the changes, one thing has managed to stay the same for Schoenberger.

“My goals haven’t changed. I want to go to college and make money,” Schoenberger said.

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  • R

    RoniOct 19, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    Nice article! I think you captured her story very well. What a tough experience for her. I hope to see more of your articles very soon.

  • M

    Michael BeanOct 19, 2010 at 8:15 PM

    Great article Jerica! Keep up the good work!