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Melatonin and Sleeping Schedules

Need help sleeping?
Melissa Villanueva September 23, 2021

     Do you or anyone you know have trouble sleeping? If so, there's a possible solution you should try.      Since school has started, summer has ended, and everything...

Link Crew leaders helped guide freshmen through orientation held Aug. 17. (Photo by Sturdivant)

Freshmen share fears of high school during orientation

Haley Cooper, Editor-in-chief August 17, 2015

Freshmen attended orientation on Monday, Aug. 17. The morning started with students locating their 9th hour classroom and meeting their Link Crew leaders. “It was a nice system,” freshman Lucas...

Students prepare for “Grease” during tech week

Jordan Coss, Video Editor October 13, 2014

North and Northwest come together for tech week of “Grease” from Sept. 25 to Oct. 1. Opening night was Thursday, Oct. 2. Watch the video for an inside look behind the scenes of “Grease.”

Trading out blue for green, and yellow for gold

Trading out blue for green, and yellow for gold

Haley Cooper, Sports Editor October 1, 2014

Locker doors, elaborately decorated with photos and posters, hung open during the day. Gym bags sat on top of the lockers--not inside of them. Buttons with football players’ names and faces were fashioned...

A walk in someone else’s sperrys

Taylor Allen, Opinions Editor October 1, 2014

No one knows how another person lives until they walk a day in their shoes. I had the opportunity to do this, literally. My wardrobe was one of the many adjustments I had to make for shadowing at Bishop...

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