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Top 10 Anime Recommendations for Non-Anime Watchers

Katie Stone, Reporter December 18, 2020

Have you never watched any anime but want to know where to start? Well I have compiled a list of 10 animes in no particular order that I think beginners should start off their anime journey with.   ...

Christmas traditions: students get in the spirit of the season

Katie Stone, Reporter December 7, 2020

With Christmas less than a month away, people of all ages are starting up their annual Christmas traditions. Whether it’s with family, friends or significant others, seemingly everyone has some sort...

Among Us, Breaking the Cycle of Boredom

Katie Stone, Reporter November 3, 2020

Many students stuck inside thanks to Covid-19 have become tired of the daily routine. Doing the same things day after day have sent some students into an endless cycle of boredom. But some of those students...

Debate Team Learns Virtual Format

Katie Stone, Reporter October 28, 2020

With quarantine keeping students all holed up inside their houses,  students and teachers have had to come up with some creative ways to keep in contact, especially with school and after school clubs....

Presidential Debate

Katie Stone, Reporter October 12, 2020

The first 2020 presidential campaign kicked off with a fiery debate this past Tuesday between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. With both candidates giving two minute answers to questions about Covid-19, police...

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